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Located on Level One, Sydney Sports Physio & Rehab welcomes patients and the general public to benefit from a range of services including:
Located on Level One, Sydney Sports Physio & Rehab welcomes patients and the general public to benefit from a range of services including:

General musculo-skeletal physio

At Sydney Sports Physio & Rehab, our physios are big believers in curing your aches and pains, not just treating the symptoms. We provide Sports, Spinal and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy to adults, adolescents & children, for all injuries and conditions.

We give you the knowledge and support so you can manage your condition. We only do what we know works. We are a “hands-on” clinic, and combine massage, strength and conditioning, core, balance, proprioceptive and stretching exercises to complement all of our manual mobilisation, manipulation and dry needling treatments. We believe this keeps you performing at your peak and importantly, assists in avoiding re-injury.

Almost any condition that affects your muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments or nerves can be helped by Physiotherapy.  Whether the result of a sporting injury, overuse or long term poor physical practices, physiotherapy can help to repair damage by speeding up the healing process and by reducing pain and stiffness.  Physiotherapists can also provide advice to prevent problems from recurring or even happening in the first place

Sports physio

Our Physiotherapists understand the specific requirements of most sports. We believe that Sports Physiotherapy needs to be specific, and in line with your individual sporting goals.

Sports Injury Assessment
Our detailed assessment will focus on both the reasons for your injury and symptoms, as well as specific areas for improvement to meet the requirements of your particular sport. Our attention to detail is in analysing your movement patterns then focusing on the components that require re-training, strengthening, and improved flexibility. Our sports physiotherapists can provide video analysis of your movement patterns and full explanation of your weaknesses which will help you understand your injury.

Sports injury treatment plan
Detailed education around endurance, power, repetition and other potential contributing aspects of your daily life are integrated throughout our treatment. During your sports injury treatment, rehabilitation exercises are prescribed to help you achieve each step of your recovery and see you return to optimal sporting performance.

Once you have been assessed by our rehabilitation specialist and therapists, an individual programme is designed to suite your needs.
Orthopaedic rehabilitation

Your physiotherapist will help you to improve the strength and movement of your injured limb, your balance and your mobility. This involves a combination of individual exercises, gym work and hydrotherapy. A ward exercise program will also be designed for you so you can continue to work and progress at any time.

Workcover/DVA/Third party physio

We welcome all patients who are covered by Workcover, DVA or Third party for physio, hydrotherapy and gym programs. Please check with your GP, specialist or allied health professional (physio, chiro, osteo etc) about participating in our hydrotherapy and/or gym programs which are specifically tailored and designed for you and fully supervised by our physios and exercise physiologists.

Casting/splinting/removal services
We are one of the very few physio practices that specialises in applying casts, splints and cam boots. With the vast array of specialists and local GPs that refer specifically to us, we can cater for waterproof and non-waterproof casts, cam boots, thermoplastic splints, exos braces, AFO’s, Knee ROM braces, Osteo-Arthritis knee braces, elbow ROM braces, slings/collar and cuff and pretty much anything you would require.

We usually have all sizes in stock, so please ring to check and we can have it ready and help you on the same day

Exciting new programs will be coming soon including – sports massage, women’s health and paediatric physiotherapy and personal training/fitness classes.